Madden 18 Like You have Never Seen Before

By madden | September 26, 2017

Still solid on its fundamentals, Madden NFL 18 looks like this newly ambitious club that wants to tutoyer the biggest. For this, he has invested in a confirmed engine – the Frostbite Engine – and slight adjustments in his daily functioning (manual control of the passes, more instinctive systems…) which give him the means of…


More Madden 18 News And Cheap MUT Coins On Madden-Store

By madden | September 18, 2017

Like the recent MLB and F1 releases, Madden NFL 18 has made an effort to ease new players in. Madden NFL 18 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, and judging by the spate of new features, EA Sports has been busy in the off season. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) has been expanded. The…


Madden 18 Overviews After Testing

By madden | September 11, 2017

As the NFL regular season kicks off this week, Madden NFL is pulling out its finest equipment to get back on the road. With a Tom Brady as well as a scripted campaign packed in a GOAT (Greatest of All Time Edition), does Madden NFL have the way to stand out as the best of…


Official Madden 18 Competition Will Feature All NFL Teams Represented

By madden | August 29, 2017

The NFL and all 32 teams that are part of the US football league have joined Electronic Arts to launch the first Madden NFL Club Championship this week. The event consists of a series of online tournaments featuring rankings in which contestants will fight for a chance to compete on behalf of their favorite NFL…


Tom Brady – Image Of The Video Game Madden NFL 18 Of EA Sports

By madden | August 29, 2017

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a five-time Super Bowl champion and considered Best Player in American Football History, is the star on the cover of the Electronic Arts Madden NFL 18 video game. Madden NFL 18 has a lot of improvements, including its debut with the Frostbite graphics engine, the first story mode of…


EA Sports Madden NFL 18 Goes On Sale

By madden | August 29, 2017

The Madden NFL 18 first used the Frostbite game engine and the “Longshot” story mode. And on the cover of the boxed version is depicted Tom Brad (Tom Brady), five-time champion of “Super Bowl”. Players will be able to participate in the best matches of the current NFL season from the real world. “And longtime…

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