More Madden 18 News And Cheap MUT Coins On Madden-Store

Like the recent MLB and F1 releases, Madden NFL 18 has made an effort to ease new players in. Madden NFL 18 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, and judging by the spate of new features, EA Sports has been busy in the off season.


Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) has been expanded. The card-based team builder now includes long lists of short challenges, as well as full games you can complete to earn and upgrade some of football’s best players. You’re not just locked into earning packs that have a minute chance of containing a good player, or spending an absurd amount of real money on J J Watt. Even if everyone has the same opportunity to get, and upgrade Kellen Winslow, at least now it feels like you can grind your way to a reasonably competitive team.

MUT also includes Squads. With MUT Squads you can combine your roster with up to two friends. Each of you can lead either the defense, offense, or take the role of the head coach, to play 3v3 online matches. In the past MUT has felt a little lite. But, this year there is enough there to give you some hope against those gamers with their overpowered online rosters.

To build a good MUT team, you need as much coins as possible. Playing the online games and trading with player packs are fast ways to obtain in-game currency. Moreover, you can buy cheap MUT 18 coins at More news that may be released for “Madden NFL 18” should be made available in the near future. Follow our site on social media and look for the news page for the latest Madden news.

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